To live these experiences you must be staying at the lodge and book in advance.

So, don’t leave it for last minute!!

Picnic Moment

Surprising your love, enjoying the sunset during a picnic in any of the many wonderful scenery of Serra da Bocaina – World Heritage. Live this experience!

This experience includes the picnic basket, with wine, water, cold cuts board, butter, jam and italian bread.

Happy Hour Time

Late afternoon in Bocaina – World Heritage. Various shades paint the sky as the night slowly comes, an ideal time for a relaxing happy hour with your best company.

A toast to contemplating life in the Bocaina valleys!

Enjoy this moment with two drinks, a cold cuts  board.

Spa Moment

A relaxing massage relieves stress and energizes the body and mind. Live this moment and disconnect by feeling the breeze of the mountains.

Only with prior appointment.

Bocaina Cooking

Have fun learning how to prepare an Italian artisan pasta or a risotto.

Then enjoy this wonderful cuisine on our balcony overlooking the green hills of Serra da Bocaina – World Heritage.

Experience this moment!